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Will Your Homeowners Insurance Cover Air Conditioner Installation?

If you need an air conditioner, you might wonder if your homeowner’s insurance will cover the installation cost done by an AC installer Los Angeles trusts. Will it also cover repair costs if it gets damaged? Here’s the truth about homeowners insurance coverage regarding the air conditioning system in your house. It doesn’t cover heating, ventilation air conditioning systems if they are damaged because of normal wear and tear. However, if the system is damaged because of a fire, then a standard homeowners insurance policy may cover the repair cost. But not the installation cost, so you have to pay with your own money. 

The Affordable Cost of Hiring AC Installer in Los Angeles

AC installation can cost you thousands of dollars. But it will depend on a lot of factors. One factor to consider is the professional’s fee. A lot of Los Angeles homeowners would skip hiring a professional AC installer because they don’t want to pay hundreds. Unfortunately, if you leave this task to an inexperienced, unlicensed AC installer, then your AC will experience a lot of issues down the road. One of the common issues is improper installation. If the incorrect installation would result in AC damage, your homeowner’s insurance policy might not cover the repair cost. The insurance will only cover damage costs if it’s the result of a disaster or peril, like hail, fire, high winds, or theft. In that case, if lightning strikes and causes damage to your AC’s electrical components, you can use this insurance to cover the repair cost. Since you can’t ask your homeowner’s insurer to cover the repair cost because of incorrect installation, you may wonder if you can file for a warranty claim to the manufacturer. In most cases, the warranty of your AC won’t cover repair costs if the damage is a result of incorrect installation. The manufacturer or the dealer of the AC where you bought it from will know whether or not you hired a professional technician to install the air conditioning in your house. If it turns out that you just hired anyone without a license, the company will not honor your warranty claim. This is why you need to hire a professional AC installer in Los Angeles. It’s not only for warranty claims but it’s for your peace of mind. If the unit is installed by a professional installer, you are guaranteed that the AC will function properly with no or minimal issues down the road. AC installation isn’t a task that you can do by yourself or hire an inexperienced person. An air conditioner is a complicated unit. Furthermore, the installer will also suggest what type of air conditioner is suitable for your house. In other words, you must not hire an AC installer during the installation process. Instead, you should consult with professionals before you even purchase an AC unit for your home. 

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