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Do Leaky Windows Affect Your Air Conditioner’s Efficiency?

When you live in Los Angeles, you know how difficult it is to fight the heat and humidity. And without proper air conditioning, you will be sweating profusely throughout the day. If your unit requires AC repair in Los Angeles, consider calling an experienced technician. Repairing an AC requires knowledge and experience. Keep in mind that if something’s wrong with your AC because it no longer gives you cool air, it doesn’t mean that the problem is the air conditioning unit itself. It could be that you have leaky windows. 

AC Repair in Los Angeles Involves Examining Air Leaks

Air leaks are pretty common in a Los Angeles house. They can affect your air conditioning’s efficiency. It’s one of the reasons we recommend our clients to look at the doors and dins in their house or business if they complain about their AC not working properly. Leaky windows, for example, can let hot, humid air get inside the house. As a result, the air conditioning will have a hard time keeping the area cool. It works harder just to give you the cold temperature that you want. 

Identifying Air Leaks

It’s easy to do. Just go to your windows or doors and inspect them for air leaks. If there are cracks or gaps, then they are sure signs that you are losing cool air. One way to identify leaks is to move a candle around the windows. If there’s movement in the flame, it’s an indication of air leaks. The good thing is that sealing air leaks isn’t expensive. It’s also easy to do. 

You may use a weather stripping tool to seal air leaks effectively around the doors and windows. Or our technicians will fix the leaky windows during an AC repair. When you call our AC repair technicians, they will arrive at your location swiftly. They immediately inspect your air conditioning unit to find out if the problem is in the unit or air leaks. The first things that they will consider are the refrigerant level, combustion system, wiring, and airflow. If there are no air leaks but there’s not enough refrigerant in the unit, they will find the leaks first. 

This is vital because the refrigerant level doesn’t go down without leaks. There must be leaks in the unit and they have to be resolved first before adding refrigerant. Repairing the leak is also vital because refrigerant is toxic, if it goes out it can be dangerous to your health. Our trained professionals know how to repair the leaks and ensure that you and your family are safe from refrigerant poisoning. 

Why Hire an AC Repair Specialist? 

Online, you can find a lot of people claiming to be AC repair experts. Unfortunately, when you ask for their license or insurance, they can’t show you any. 

But when you hire our technicians, you can be sure that you are getting the right service. Our technicians here are all licensed and insured. 

Our AC repair in Los Angeles is the best in the industry because our technicians are knowledgeable and well-experienced in this area. Call us if your AC needs repair or maintenance: (323) 673-3107.