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What’s the Best Air Conditioner That Keeps Pets Comfortable?

If you have pets at home, their comfort matters too. This is why you need to ensure that the air conditioning you are using can keep them comfortable and safe. If you are not sure what AC is best for them, talk to a professional AC installer Los Angeles trusts

AC Installer in Los Angeles Recommends Upgrading to a New AC

Are you still using a decade-old AC at home? If you are, then it might be time for you to invest in a high-tech system. What type of AC to install? It depends on the size of your house. If your pets have their own house, you may wish to install the AC there. When determining the perfect AC for your house where your pets live, you need to consider the pet’s coat type, age, weight, and size. Its overall health should also be factored in when evaluating the right air conditioner. Keep in mind that every pet has its own requirements when it comes to indoor temperature. Some want cooler temperatures while others love warmer temperatures inside the house. You may need to set your indoor home temperature between 75°F and 78°F to give your dogs and cats the most comfortable temperature. But this is the setting if you are at home with them. If you’re away, you should set the temperature between 80°F and 82°F. 

But what type of AC to use? 

When you ask our professional AC installers here at HVAC Pros Los Angeles, they will tell you that it will depend on the square footage of your house, your existing system, and the type of pets you have. It means that before they recommend the best AC, they must first visit your house and conduct a thorough evaluation. After the comprehensive evaluation, that’s the time they can suggest an air conditioning unit. Generally, our technicians will recommend having an AC that supports a smart thermostat. It’s quite expensive but it’s worth it because it lets you program the temperature. That’s not all but it can also help you set the air quality in your house in advance. This will ensure that your pets will always feel comfortable even when you are not at home taking care of them. What’s great about having a smart thermostat at home is that you can adjust the temperature while you’re at work or school. However, this is only possible if your smart thermostat has Wi-Fi connectivity. 

Regular Maintenance

No matter what brand of AC you have at home, it can still give you and your pets an uncomfortable temperature if you don’t regularly maintain it. If it provides a comfortable temperature now but if you fail to maintain it, the AC can still cause a problem in the future. It can break down in the summer causing you and your pets to suffer through a heatwave. For that reason, scheduling air conditioning maintenance is crucial. 

Whether you need an AC installer in Los Angeles or schedule regular maintenance for your existing system, you can use our services here at HVAC Pros Los Angeles. Just give us a call today: (323) 673-3107