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Does an AC Installer in Los Angeles Replace Your Thermostat as Well?

There’s no best time to replace your AC. However, if your current air conditioning is no longer up to par, then you can replace it with a new, more efficient unit. Indeed, summer is almost coming. When you call a certified AC installer in Los Angeles, you might ask whether or not getting a new thermostat is also necessary. 

AC Installer in Los AngelesWhat the AC Installer in Los Angeles Will Tell You? 

It’s not a requirement to replace your thermostat when you are getting a new air conditioner. 

However, it’s strongly suggested because your new AC system will run as efficiently as possible with a new thermostat. 

It’s especially true if you are still using a manual thermostat. 

A manual thermostat used to be a popular option in the past. It’s cheaper than a programmable thermostat.

Whether you have the digital manual unit or the mercury type, this type of thermostat must be operated manually when changing the temperature setting. 

But you don’t have to when you choose a programmable electronic thermostat. This type lets you program the temperature and time into its memory. 

If you have uncertain schedules, you can program them every day. 

However, if you have a definite schedule, you can register it for five days or have a weekend schedule. 

If you’re gone for several days, the programmable thermostat will keep your temperatures at a minimal level when you choose the vacation mode. 

But these aren’t the only benefits of choosing a programmable thermostat. Another important reason is the energy-saving you can get. 

Great Savings are Coming 

The new air conditioner will help reduce your home’s energy consumption. There’s no doubt about that. But you can further increase the savings when you upgrade your thermostat. 

A smart thermostat lets you have control over the temperature in your home. It also changes automatically if you forget to set it up. 

In that case, if you can’t come home, you won’t be wasting energy cooling an unoccupied house. 

Get a More Comfortable Home 

When you come home, you would want your haven to have a comfortable temperature. 

With a new thermostat, it fine-tunes your temperature settings to give you maximum comfort and energy savings. 

It knows which temperature makes the most sense to you at different times of the day. 

Furthermore, you get savings when you have it installed by one company during the installation of your AC. 

If the technician is already at your house installing your air conditioning unit, you can further save money when he installed the new thermostat at the same time. 

You pay for one service, rather than two services. 

But that’s not all. If the thermostat is installed by a professional, you get the benefit from it right away. 

The reason for this is that the technician will set it up for you, instead of you tinkering with the new thermostat. 

Ready to Install a New Thermostat and Air Conditioner 

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