What is Seasonal Heating and Air Conditioning Maintenance?

When you own an expensive HVAC system you want to be certain that you are doing all that you can so that it runs smoothly and efficiently year round. As the seasons change, so will your heating or cooling requirement. When that happens you want to make sure that your system has been checked by a professional. However, you may not be aware of what happens during routine maintenance or why it’s necessary. Keeping things running means avoiding costly and unnecessary emergencies calls in the middle of summer or winter.


Schedule in the preseason

When you want a system that does what it is supposed to you should make sure it’s working before you’re in the middle or a hot/cold seasons. Creating the right temp in your home isn’t as simple as setting the thermostat and moving along with your day. Instead its a balance of airflow and properly working equipment. Having a preseason check up on your system can keep you from having to make emergency calls when/if things go south with your HVAC. If you take the time to schedule a preseason inspection of your system you are ensuring that things like rust, rot, soot, leaks, and frayed/bad wiring are addressed and spotting in time before it becomes an even bigger problem. Proper maintenance can also mean that your system is always working at it’s best performance level which makes it worth all the money you put into it!

When should I schedule my maintenance call?

You should keep in mind that HVAC companies get busy during times like the midsummer and midwinter. This is why it’s always best to have your visit schedule before you’re deep into weather heavy season. A lot of companies offer specials for preseasons check-ups and inspections. This means that in the spring and the fall you should be looking for those potential deals and making a date on your calendar before the middle of July!

What does maintenance include?

While not every HVAC company works on the same checklist it could vary from company to company. Some of the tasks are things like tightening electrical connections, cleaning and inspecting coils, inspecting system controls, replacing parts, cleaning or replacing filters, checking refrigerant and pressures, checking blowers and fans. If a company doesn’t list its maintenance checklist online they can probably fill you in over the phone.

If you want to schedule your preseason maintenance visit now is the time to do so. With spring in the air, so it pollen and other dirt! Schedule a visit with HVAC Pros Los Angeles today. They can take a look at your unit, suggest the work that needs fixing and much more. There’s a good chance your air filter needs to be replaced! Getting this all done before the ‘busy’ season of summer will make you much more prepared and less likely to experience emergencies during the sweltering hot days that your AC will be invaluable. Call us today to schedule your AC Repair Los Angeles appointment at (323)-673-3107