HVAC Emergency

Am I Experiencing an HVAC Emergency?

Have you ever wondered what constitutes an HVAC emergency? It can’t be denied that it’s better to know now than to learn the hard way (which costs money and stress!). You may be experiencing a problem with your HVAC currently that isn’t an emergency. Having routine maintenance done on your unit can be the best way to avoid major problems. It can also ensure that year-round your HVAC system is working properly. However, emergencies happen so it’s best to be prepared. With that in mind, let’s talk about,  what an emergency when it comes to AC/HVAC.

Considering Your Weather Conditions

When you are dealing with moderate temperatures ad you can be indoors and comfortable without your HVAC running there’s a good chance that any problems you are dealing with can be resolved with a scheduled maintenance call to a local company. However, if it’s the middle of summer and you can’t keep your home cool during humid and sticky days you could be endangering yourself and your family. You are likely all too familiar with situations of heat waves that wash over cities and the mass reports of death due to heat stroke and other symptoms of homes that weren’t properly cooled.

HVAC Emergency

Considering Your HVAC Issue

The severity of the issue you’re dealing with plays a large part in whether you are experiencing an emergency. One of the most common emergency scenarios is leaky pipes and dirty air filters but aren’t so serious that they’re considered emergencies. However, signs of more serious problems are things like excessive sound and burning smells. Excessive sounds include things like screeching, popping and buzzing. These can be symptoms of a loose belt, dangerous pressure levels, and electrical troubles. When you are hearing sounds that don’t make sense you should consider calling an emergency outfit to get things sorted in short order. Burning smells can mean that you have a serious electrical issue. If you are able to trace the smell to your HVAC system you should cut off its power immediately, then contact a local HVAC outfit. Another big problem to look out for is non-existent airflow. When your HVAC is on, you should be enjoying a cool breeze or some snuggly warm air. If you are having either, you could have a big problem on your hands.

If there is an absence of airflow the best way to get to the bottom of things is to have an AC Repair Los Angeles professional arrive to assess what’s going on. If you are dealing with a very hot day or a streak of super warm days you should reach out to our emergency service to get things sorted in a timely manner. If you are currently handling what you believe is an emergency with your HVAC system you can trust and depend on the technicians at HVAC Pros Los Angeles to get your system fixed. Give us a call at (323) 673-3107 for prompt service. If you are interested in installing a new system in your home or commercial property you can schedule an appointment today.