AC Repair in Los Angeles

Summer is Here! DO you Need AC Repair in Los Angeles?

Enjoying your summer in the cool and refreshing breeze of your HVAC? It can be so easy to depend on your HVAC through the summer without much thought about its maintenance needs. Yet having a plan in place for your big home appliances is the best way to ensure that they work at their peak abilities throughout the years. You should have a plan for you HVAC system and there’s plenty of small things you can do on your own to be sure your equipment is working smoothly through the summer. Let’s cover a few HVAC tips worth following:

Replace Your Air Filter!

You should make it a habit to replace your AC air filter atleast once every three months. If you haven’t done it yet this summer, now is the time! You should replace them more often if you have pets that create dander and fur as that can more easily clog your filtration system and cause your AC to run poorly.

Check the HVAC Wiring

It’s important to have an idea of what your HVAC wiring looks like and check it regularly. You should know that it’s working well and safely. To achieve that you’ll have to shut off the system, open the access panel and check for any wire that look burned or blackened. If you see any you’ll want to call an HVAC technician who can replace them for you. Don’t try to do the work yourself if you aren’t licensed professional.

Consider Upgrading Your Home’s Thermostat

If you are happy with your home’s current thermostat, great! But, did you know that there are thermostats on the market that can be controlled via wifi? This means that you can turn your HVAC off while at work if you know that no one is benefiting from cool air. You can also turn it on before you travel home from work which means returning to a perfectly climate controlled home,

Check Condenser Unit’s Fan

If you have an HVAC with outside components you’ll want to check it the fan on the condenser. Your unit’s fan can become damaged due to debris and outside elements getting inside. That damage can then cause the fan problems with working. Replacing a damaged fan can help keep your AC running right.

Cleaning the Condenser Unit

Leaves, dirt and debris can get into your condenser unit and reduce the air flow. It can force your system to work harder than need be to provide cooling power to your home. This means bigger electric bills to keep your HVAC running. Removing that gunk and debris can significantly help your HVAC until just be sure to switch it off before hosing it out.

Being sure that your AC or HVAC unit is working the right way can keep your bills down and your home cool throughout the summer. If you feel that your unit is having issues that need a professional’s touch then give HVAC Pros Los Angeles a call(323) 673-3107 for repairs and assessments. Let’s end the summer on a cool note!