HVAC install errors

HVAC Install Errors That Could Cost You

When you have spent your hard-earned money to have an HVAC system installed you want to be sure that it’s done by a professional that knows what they are doing. Messing up on installation can not only cost you more money but can be dangerous. When you decide to have a new unit installed be sure that you use a company that is experienced with the system you need. You want a system that is energy efficient and will work great for years to come. These are some of the HVAC install errors you should be aware of when you are having your system put in.

HVAC install errors

Poor Duct Design

When it comes to you knew system poor air distribution can be a huge problem and design flaw. It’s important to know that your system doesn’t work on its own and with some units its need to have a good duct system design to work best. When you have a new system installed the new ducts should match with the output size of your unit. Don’t allow your contractor to use the old ducts because old ducts have leaks. You may end up having problems with the capability of the system too. Make sure that your ducts are installed properly.

When an HVAC tech is installing your ducts be sure that they are made of sturdy material. Cheap materials will become a problem as they will be prone to air leaks. They should also be installed with sealer and not tape as tape can cause leaks. Ensuring that your ductwork is great, and avoiding HVAC install errors, will go a long way in saving you on energy bills, drafts and noisiness.

Bad Drainage and Exhaust

Another thing to avoid is drainage systems that are designed poorly. Some HVAC units can create quite a bit of water. Those systems need to have a good draining system. This is so that they don’t cause. Leaking can be severe if things are designed well. That leaking can lead to damage in your home. A final thing that matters is whether your exhaust system is good. The exhaust ventilation needs to be installed right. When the exhaust flue or damper is the wrong size it can allow carbon monoxide to get trapped in your home. This can be particularly bad if you are without a  CO detector. In fact, it can prove to be a deadly mistake if you aren’t careful.

Be sure that you are asking questions when you HVAC is being installed. You don’t want to have a mistake turn into a rise in energy bills or an accidental death in the family due to CO poisoning.

Ensuring that you have a great HVAC system means having a great team. Before you call the first result that shows up on Google to make sure to check reviews and vet your options. If you are ready now though, you can call HVAC Pros Los Angeles for your installation needs this summer. We have years of experience in installation and maintenance (323) 673-3107