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Air Conditioning Los Angeles to Spot Major AC Problems

Its best to know when you HVAC or Air Conditioning  unit needs maintenance, replacement parts or repair work. This can be difficult unless you know the warning signs that can tell you whether your HVAC needs maintenance or repair work to prevent serious damage. You will want to have fast solutions to your AC problems because waiting can cause expensive bills to pile up. Let’s go through some warning signs that are recognizable even to those who aren’t HVAC technicians.

Warm air is blowing through your homer:

One seriously obvious sign that something is wrong is if you Air Conditioning unit is blowing warm air. This can be an easy spot for someone who works from home but some homeowners may miss it, especially if its an inconsistent problem. This can mean that your AC is struggling to get cooling air out into you home. It’s something that should be addressed by a trained technician and it shouldn’t be brushed off. You may think it’s a small problem if its happening inconsistently but make sure you get it looked at!
Air Conditioning Los Angeles

Higher humidity in your home:

You AC should be working to maintain the humidity in your home. If there is too much humidity it can cause mold to grow and ruin your home’s air quality This can mean that your unit is going to work much harder to keep the temps at the right place. It can lead to the unit breaking down and need for repairs. The best way to check if you home is okay is to keep track of the humidity and know when you AC is struggling.

Musky and weird odors:

Has you home been experiencing weird odors. Musky smells can be an indication that mild is floating around your home and that your AC is reaching the end of its lift. If these smells persist and aren’t due to dirt or grime in your system you should called a technician to look at your unit for an assessment.

Your utility Bills are going up and up:

Utility bills can be the bane of a renter or home owner’s existance and it can only be made worse if they skyrocket for no real reason. If your utility bills have been arriving in the mail with higher than usual costs if could be a sign that your HVAC isn’t functioning the right way. The best way to gauge if you utility bills are normal is to have a few months worth on hand to make comparisons.

You HVAC is old:

A new AC or HVAC can last between 10 and 20 years depends on the make and model. It also depends very heavily on how well you take care of it over the years. If you live in a climate where it must constantly be on you can expect the lifespan to be shorter. Be sure that you are treating your HVAC unit with care, cleaning it regularly, changing the filters and giving it rest when you’re not home or needing it.

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