air conditioning in los angeles

Save the Earth: Switch Over to Energy-Efficient Air Conditioning in Los Angeles

Are you still using an old air conditioning unit in your LA home? It might be time for you to upgrade to a more energy-efficient air conditioning in Los Angeles

Switching over to energy-efficient AC unit won’t only lower your energy bill every year but you’re also helping save the world of tons of greenhouse gas emissions 

air conditioning in los angeles

There are billions of cooling appliances in the world. These would include air conditioning units, refrigerators, and freezers. With the ongoing climate crisis, we feel that the planet is getting warmer and warmer every day. Having air conditioning becomes more important. 

Unfortunately, most air conditioning units being used in the US and around the world emit tons of greenhouse gases. They heat the planet. 

Find an Energy-Efficient Air Conditioning in Los Angeles 

Before you consider upgrading your AC unit in your LA home, make sure that you talk to an expert first. 

When it comes to AC, size matters a lot. If it’s too large, it cools down the air but it leaves the room damp and clammy. On the other hand, if it’s too small, it works harder to maintain the set temperature. As a result, it increases your energy bill to the roof. 

Talk to our AC expert before you choose an AC unit. Our technician will measure the size of the room where the AC will be installed to identify the right size. 

Once you know the right size of the AC you need to purchase, consider having a unit with programmable temperature settings. This type of unit lets you schedule your AC to turn off when you’re not around and back on when you get back. To have a more flexible unit, choose a central air system. 

Then again, it still depends on the technician’s recommendations. 

The unit should have an energy-saving setting. This feature allows the unit to turn off the compressor and the fan when space has been cooled off. Furthermore, choose an AC unit with high EER and SEER ratings. The higher the rating, the greater the efficiency. 

Should you choose split AC or Window AC? 

Each type has its own pros and cons. The split type offers greater energy efficiency compared to the window and portable ACs. However, this type of unit has an outside part that can be large and noisy. 

Regardless of the type of AC you purchase, there are other ways to help you lower your energy bill. For instance, you can program your AC’s settings to match the thermostat temperature to help you manage cooling costs. You may also consider turning off the AC at night once the air is cooler. 

Did you know that lights and appliances generate heat? And the heat they produced will be removed by the AC to cool the space. That said, if you’re not using those appliances and lights, just turn them off. 

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