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What to do with Your Central Air and Heat in Los Angeles During Home Renovation?

Home renovation is an exciting project. However, before carrying out home renovation, make sure that you know what to do with the central air and heat in Los Angeles home. 


Should You Turn Off the Central Air and Heat in Los Angeles House? 

Before you even conduct home renovation, you must consult our HVAC specialists so we can tell you what to do during the renovation process. Typically, we recommend covering the vents. Don’t do it on your own, though. Instead, call our specialists to cover those vents properly. 


Covering them ensures that no dust and debris will accumulate in your HVAC. If the home renovation is a huge project, then expect that massive particles will accumulate in the unit if you don’t cover the vents.

When the work is in progress, the AC should be off. In that way, dust and particles won’t circulate in your house and into the AC. It prevents the equipment from getting damaged. 

central air and heat in Los Angeles

During home renovation, it’s ideal that our specialists and your contractor will work together so that we can protect the HVAC in your house. Home renovation can be messy. That’s why we recommend executing those messy jobs outside the house and not near the AC. In that way, dirt won’t accumulate in the AC. 

Choose a home renovating company that knows how to frequently clean your house after every task to ensure that test or particles won’t accumulate. 


After the home renovation is done, don’t turn on the AC yet. Make sure that you have replaced the air filter first. Even though you turn the AC off during the renovation project, dust and other particles could still accumulate in the filter. 

If you turn it on without replacing the filter, then you’re only spreading the dust throughout the house. By replacing it, though, it ensures that you’re breathing clean air. 


Thorough cleaning of Duct 

Replacing the air filter isn’t the only task you need to do. Make sure that you contact our professionals to thoroughly clean the duct in your system. We have the right tools to professionally clean the HVAC system to make sure that there’s no dust accumulating in it. Cleaning it after renovation is vital to maintain clean air circulating in your house. 


Post Home Renovation 

There are many things that we can do to ensure that clean air will circulate in your house after home revelation. And that’s the reason you need to contact our specialists so we can set up an appointment and our specialists will visit your house. We’ll examine the HVAC system for any issues that might arise after a home renovation. 


We’ll check the air filter first. Even though you have replaced it a few weeks before the home renovation, we still recommend replacing it after renovation. In that way, you can be sure that there’s no dust, dander, and other contaminants that will circulate in your house. 

To talk to our specialists about your central air and heat in Los Angeles after a long-week of home renovation, please give us a call at (323) 673-3107.