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Is AC Installation Expensive?

Hiring an AC installer in Los Angeles can be expensive. But you must understand what’s included. Is it even worth it to hire an expert to install your air conditioner? How much do you need to install an AC and hire a specialist? 


Why is AC Installation so Expensive? 

The overall cost of AC installation will depend on several factors. If you have a larger AC unit, the cost can be expensive. But you must remember that the size of an AC doesn’t refer to its dimensions. Rather, the size indicates the cooling capacity of the unit. When you see a tonnage value, it refers to how quickly it can cool a room. 


You may think that the bigger the tonnage, the better it is. It’s not always true. The size isn’t the most important here. Rather, you need an AC unit that is perfect for your home. If it’s too small, it will work harder to cool your home. This will result in getting high energy costs. If it’s too big, it will cool the space but shut down too fast. It results in short-cycling, which isn’t good either for your wallet. The reason for this is that it can still raise your utility bills. 


Can an AC Installer in Los Angeles Help You Find the Right Size? 

To avoid getting a too big or small air conditioner, you should consult with our AC installer before you even buy an AC unit. Although we don’t charge to give you an estimate, our experts will charge you a pre-installation evaluation. After evaluation, we’ll charge you for the actual installation. However, the rate that we offer is just average. It’s not too high or too cheap. 


Does the AC Installation Include Equipment Add-Ons? 

When we provide you with an estimate, it will just be that, an estimate. But we don’t charge any hidden fees. However, you must remember that several things can happen during an installation. You may decide to install a smart thermostat, for instance. The cost of installing it can also add up. 


During the evaluation, we can recommend whether or not your home can take advantage of the benefits of having a thermostat. However, other homeowners in Los Angeles would only decide at the last minute. That is, they want us to install a smart thermostat during the installation. In that case, the installation cost we have initially agreed on doesn’t include the cost of installing the smart thermostat. However, if you wish to have add-ons, the installation may increase but it’s not that significant. 

 AC installer Los Angeles

Why Choose HVAC Pros Los Angeles? 

Homeowners in Los Angeles choose our AC repair and installation company because they know that they can rely on us to do the job right the first time. Besides AC installation and repair, we also offer emergency services because you will never know when your AC will malfunction. 


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