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Does Your Central Air and Heat Use Gas or Electricity?

Is your central air and heat in Los Angeles malfunctioning? If it is, you must know whether or not it’s using gas or electricity. This information is vital because our technicians will ask for it. 


Is Central Air and Heat Gas or Electric? 

Heating and cooling units burn fuel. But your air conditioner uses electricity. However, most heating systems utilize gas or fuel oil. Other systems are using electricity though. The cool air from the central AC flows through the ducts that heat flows. Heating and air conditioning systems work on the principle from a warm object to a cooler one. Thus, a heater puts heat in the air to ensure your home is warmer during colder months. Air conditioners, on the other hand, remove heat from the air to make your home cooler. 


Can a Central Air and Heat in Los Angeles Use Solar Power? 

Solar power can be used to run an air conditioner. This is a cost-efficient idea. But you need to have off-grid connectivity to power an AC with solar energy. When done, it can help in reducing electricity costs significantly. When it comes to solar panels, you need more than 5 panels for a 100-watt air conditioner. Typically, an AC has 1500 watts. Thus, you may need 6 solar panels with a 250-watt capacity. 


Central heating systems, on the other hand, can use solar energy. But you have to remember that central air and heat can take up most of the energy. The system requires a lot of energy to ensure it keeps running. If you wish to convert your system to use solar energy, then you should consult with our experts. We can tell you whether or not your solar panels are enough to power your central air and heat system. 


What are the Ways to Save Money on Your Central Air and Heat? 

As mentioned, the central air and heat uses a lot of electricity and gas. Thankfully, there are ways to save money on this system by ensuring that it runs better. For instance, you can seal the windows and doors. If you have unsealed doors and windows in your house, you’re losing precious hot and cold air. To check it, you should go outside. Then, run your hand along the windows to check if there’s leaking cold or hot air. If there is, should ensure that the doors and windows are shut and caulked. 


Make sure that your thermostat is functioning well. And it has to be installed in a proper location. Keep in mind that if you place it near a window, it can give you an incorrect reading. You may have to call our specialist to reposition your thermostat. 

 central air and heat Los Angeles

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