Installation Errors Can Be Costly

When you spend money to have an HVAC system installed you want to be certain that it is done by a company that has experience. Errors during installation can cause you to cost you money, time and headaches. For this reason, it’s important to choose a company that can install the best system for your specific home and needs. You’ll want an energy efficient set up that keeps you cool/warm throughout the year and saves you money throughout its lifespan.



Installation Mistakes You Should Know About

One of the first mistakes to know about that could cost you is poor air design/distribution. Your AC unit isn’t going to do all the work when it comes to pumping air throughout your home. This can fall to the effectiveness of the ductwork that is used in your home. When you have a new HVAC system installed your contractor may be working with the old duct system. You should insist on new ductwork because the old ducts might have leaks that you aren’t aware of. The old ducts can also have problems with compatibility with your new system. Another thing to be aware of is whether the new ductwork is being properly installed. The materials used shouldn’t be cheaply made either and they should be put together without the possibility of leaks. You should require that your installed uses sealer instead of tape as it’s more effective. Tape can be the cause of leaks while sealer shouldn’t leak. Having good ductwork will be lighter on your pocket and save you on energy costs. It’s also great for keeping away drafts and noises piping.

Watch out for draining systems

Avoiding badly designed draining systems will also be helpful. As you might know, HVAC systems create quite a bit of water which can be an indicator that it’s working well. However, that water can cause a big problem is there isn’t proper drainage. Those systems need to have a great draining design to work right and not cause leaking. If the draining isn’t designed right it can cause leaking and pooling which can damage your home. You should also be hyper-aware of the exhaust system of your HVAC unit. The exhaust ventilation should be installed right to avid dampening or blockages. Having a block in your ventilation can allows carbon monoxide to fill your home which can be incredibly dangerous, even deadly. Your home should have a working CO detector even if you install went well. If you want your unit installed right the first time you should call the pros at HVAC Pros Los Angeles (323) 673-3107. We have years of experience in installing, maintaining and servicing HVAC and AC repair Los Angeles. You can make an appointment will us today to get a free quote. You can also count on us in cases of HVAC emergencies. Installing your HVAC system and keeping it maintained can allow you to have the peace of mind that it will last for years to come. Don’t hesitate, give us a call today!