central air and heat in Los Angeles

How Often to Service Your Central Air and Heat?

Central air and heat in Los Angeles offer a lot of benefits to homeowners. In addition to keeping the house cool or warm, it also ensures you’re breathing clean air. However, its benefits will fade if you don’t properly maintain it. With regular maintenance, you can ensure that the system is in the best condition every time you turn it on. When it comes to maintenance, though, you would want to hire a professional HVAC once a year. 

Keeping the Central Air and Heat in Los Angeles 

Maintaining the system is a vital part of keeping your home cool or warm. Regular maintenance keeps the system running smoothly for many years. It also saves you money on heating and cooling costs. If you neglect to maintain it, you’re likely to pay for costly repair. 

Is It Yearly Maintenance? 

Generally, your HVAC requires annual service. However, it can be more often, depending on your home environment. The only way to know the frequency to maintain it is to ask the technician who will carry out the procedure. If the technician does recommend servicing it yearly, you may want to do it during the off-season. 


What Does HVAC Maintenance Include? 

There are several things involved in this procedure. Here are some of them: 

Calibrate Thermostat

If the thermostat is out of whack, the system won’t properly cool or warm your home. That’s why calibration of the thermostat is vital in every maintenance. Furthermore, the placement of the thermostat must be assessed. It has to be situated away from heat sources. If it’s too close to a light bulb, for instance, the reading won’t be that accurate. 

Check Electrical Connection 

HVAC technicians are trained to ensure the electrical wires of the system are working properly. Doing so will prevent potential electrical fire hazards. Furthermore, they will also check if the wires are insulated properly and the connections are tightened. 

Lubricate Moving Parts

The central air and heat have plenty of moving parts. Each one requires lubrication. Without lubricant, the components will only grind against each other, thereby, causing permanent damage. 

central air and heat in Los Angeles

Inspect Coils 

Coils are vital in your central air and heart. If they are dirty, the system won’t operate efficiently, causing too much stress on it. Furthermore, if the coils are clogged or dirty, they can reduce the system’s efficiency causing the bill to rise. During maintenance, the HVAC technician will remove dirt and debris from the coils so that the entire system will run efficiently again. 

These are just some of the things that the HVAC technician will complete during the scheduled maintenance. To know more about how valuable regular maintenance is to your central air and heat in Los Angeles, make sure to consult with our experts. Better yet, schedule your regular maintenance to experience the difference yourself: (323) 673-3107