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What is the Ideal Schedule for Your Central Air and Heat?

One of the many questions of our clients regarding their central air and heat in Los Angeles is how often should they have it serviced. Unfortunately, most LA homeowners hesitate whether they should do it or not until the system stops working. The sad truth is that central air and heat need to be serviced regularly to ensure that it keeps running smoothly. But the main question is how often to do it? 

How Often to Service Central Air and Heat in Los Angeles

You need to service it once a year. This keeps the system running smoothly. It also prevents any costly problems from happening. However, if you use it all year round, you need to service it twice a year. When you contact our experts today, they can tell you the best schedule for your specific situation. 

What do Technicians do During HVAC Maintenance? 

There are two basic maintenance items on the list. 

  • Filter change
  • Condenser and evaporator coil cleaning

These two tasks are vital to ensure proper airflow in the system. Without proper airflow, the system may face various issues. These would include insufficient airflow to your house or compressor freezing. The safety limits may also trip resulting in the system shutting down. 

Our technicians will also check the belts. If they are cracked or worn, they need to be replaced. Belt replacement isn’t done regularly, though. However, you need to keep in mind that belts will break eventually. If they do, they will prevent the system from providing you with the right airflow. 

Other Tasks 

In addition to changing filters and cleaning coils, our technicians will also inspect the amperage and voltages of the system’s motor and compressor. This will help them evaluate whether or not there are signs of strain. If there’s overdamping, the technicians will determine the reason and fix the issue right away. They will also verify all connections to prevent service calls. And to protect future leaks, the condensate lines must be cleared. 

No Holes or Cracks 

A heat exchanger is a vital part of your heating system. The technicians will ensure that there are no holes or cracks. If cracks have formed, it’s likely that combustion gasses enter your house. It’s vital to check it before winter comes. And before welcoming summer, you need to check the refrigerant levels to make sure that there is no leak present.

central air and heat Los Angeles

Thermostat Communication 

The thermostat and HVAC system need to communicate properly. If not, you won’t be getting the right temperature. Our technicians will check it to ensure that your HVAC system continues to provide you with a comfortable temperature all around. If there are potential issues, they are fixed immediately before they get out of hand.

There are other tests that our central air and heat Los Angeles technicians will carry out during the scheduled maintenance. To know more about them or to schedule your HVAC maintenance, please call: (323) 746-8100.