Air Conditioning in Los Angeles

What Air Conditioning Services in Los Angeles Do You Need in Spring?

When spring comes, you know that summer isn’t that far. Soon, your AC will be operating 24/7 to keep you comfortable in the summer heat. Is your air conditioning in Los Angeles ready? 


If it’s not, then now is the time to schedule an appointment with our AC specialists. The US Department of Energy recommends an annually comprehensive tune-up and inspection. 


Why Do You Need to Service Your Air Conditioning in Los Angeles

There are several reasons your AC needs to undergo tune-up and inspection every year. One reason is to improve its efficiency. 


When your AC is efficient, it uses less energy to keep your house cool. In other words, it lowers your carbon footprint. 


With lower energy consumption, you get to enjoy lower energy bills every month, even though your AC is operating 24/7. 


Furthermore, tuning up your AC yearly will prevent costly AC repair. Keep in mind that AC issues typically occur when the system works the hardest. 


By conducting yearly preventive maintenance, you can help in extending its life. It also prevents any premature failure that can lead to costly repairs. 


Who Can Perform Yearly Maintenance? 

Any HVAC company in LA can provide you with yearly preventative maintenance services. However, not all contractors are the same. 


Make sure that the contractors you hire are skilled enough to guarantee the best service and work. The technicians must undergo training to keep up with the latest trends and technologies. 


What are the Key Points in a Tune-Up? 

Tuning up your AC involves various tasks. For instance, technicians will lubricate the parts of the AC that move. They include the fact and motor. 


Lubricating them prevents friction.


Tune-up also involves tightening of electrical connections. Plus, it includes cleaning and inspecting components for any damage. 


If technicians find damages on those components, they’ll repair them right away before the damage gets worse. 


Inspection of ductwork for any air leaks is also performed. Keep in mind that air leaks can increase the temperature while raising your energy bills. It can also result in overheating. 


That’s why if technicians discover air leaks, they have to be mended right away. 

Air Conditioning in Los Angeles

Tune-up also involves testing the electric control. This will ensure that the AC cycles properly. Remember that improper cycling can also lead to an uncomfortable temperature inside the house. It can also take a heavy toll on the AC. 


Furthermore, technicians also measure the refrigerant levels. One of the worst things that can happen to your AC is if its refrigerant leaks. It’s not only bad for your health but it’s also bad for the environment. 


If there’s a refrigerant leak, technicians will repair and test it. They won’t just put a band-aid solution to it by refilling the refrigerant. Instead, they will repair the leak before topping off with the right refrigerant level. 

There are other tasks involved in a yearly tune-up. If you wish to know more about them and how to properly maintain your air conditioning in Los Angeles, please give us a call at (323) 673-3107.