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Is Your Central Air and Heat in Los Angeles Ready for a Blizzard?

Your central air and heat in Los Angeles is prone to damage, especially in the winter. The weather during this time is unpredictable. 


When snow is in the forecast, you won’t know if it’s a complete blizzard or just a light dusting. And if it’s a snowstorm, you can keep yourself safe from the cold weather by ensuring your HVAC unit works properly. 


Indeed, your central air and heat system is durable. But it requires TLC from time to time. In this way, it can withstand adverse weather. 


Preparing Central Air and Heat in Los Angeles for a SnowStorm


Inspect the Heating System 

Inspecting your heating system will help in combating future repairs. It also keeps the unit working at its optimal levels. 


When you hire our HVAC Pros Los Angeles team, our technicians will check the motor, electrical switches, belts, and several others before the weather situation gets worse. 


You indeed have to pay for the tune-ups. But the cost is all worth it. The reason for this is that it can save you thousands of dollars in the future. 


In addition to checking your heating system, it’s also vital to inspect the home’s insulation. To make sure that the HVAC system in your house runs efficiently, the insulation must be working properly. 


Make sure to seal any air leaks. You can check for drafts around the doors and windows. You should also check the attic and find out if it has the proper insulation. 


Why it matters? 


Proper insulation can affect the air in your house. If the system doesn’t compete with outdoor air that enters the home, you can save a great amount of money on energy bills. 


Furthermore, proper home insulation can keep the system from working hard during a snowstorm. 


Change Filters Regularly 

Your system works harder when there’s a snowstorm. It causes your filters to fill up faster. Thus, you need to check it more frequently. If it’s dirty, you should change it. 


You may need to replace the filter every month when snow hits the ground. 


Ensure the Vents are Clear 

If there are things that block the air vents, it can limit the airflow. Thus, make sure that there are no pieces of furniture or clothes that cover the vents. 


Make sure that the vents are clear so get the right temperature that you need in the cold weather. 


Invest in a Generator 

During a snowstorm, the chances of power going out are high. To ensure that the HVAC works properly, you should consider buying a generator. 


Our technicians can recommend the type of generator that can function well with your existing HVAC. They can give you professional advice on what generator is best. 

Central Air and Heat in Los Angeles-

Install a Programmable Thermostat 

A programmable thermostat is a good investment as it gives you more control over the temperatures when you’re at home. 


If the weather reaches a low temperature, the thermostat can automatically set the indoor temperature so it can keep up. 

Need more ways to prepare your central air and heat in Los Angeles for a snowstorm? You may schedule an appointment with our specialists here: (323) 673-3107.