The Rattling Sound of Your Central Air and Heat in Los Angeles

Central air and heat in Los Angeles is a vital system in anyone’s home. It comes with complex diagnostics, unfortunately. However, no matter the complexity of it, our team can handle it, should you need any help. 


Although the central air and heat system uses advanced technology, it is without flaws. It means that at some point in its lifespan, you will encounter issues that will require the assistance of a pro. 


Central Air and Heat in Los Angeles to Fix Any Unusual Sound

One issue you may face with your HVAC is hearing unusual sounds. Although the system makes some sort of noise, the sound that means trouble is something out of the ordinary. 


It can be a rattling sound. It may come from loose parts in the heater. The screws may be shaking loose as the unit vibrates. 


Another reason is that a part has been broken and it’s been knocked around the blower. 


These can be easily fixed by yourself. However, if you can’t find an explanation for the rattling sound, you shall dial our number (323) 673-3107. 


We can’t know for sure if the problem is severe or not until our technicians have personally seen the system and diagnose it. 


If you failed to report it to us and allow the system to continue using it without a fix, it may suffer from extensive damage later on. 


When that happens, the system will stop working. It will shut off automatically without any warning. 


Motor Issue 

Perhaps, it’s not a rattling sound that you hear. It can be shrieking noise coming from a heat pump. If that’s the case, then there can be one reason for it — motor problem. 


If you hear a streaking sound, it can mean that the motor’s bearings are wearing down. Don’t allow it to continue. If the bearings are all wearing down, the motor will burn out. 


Call our technicians immediately to assess the case and determine whether it needs replacement. In most cases, though, burnout bearings require replacement. 


Another sound you may hear when the HVAC is in operation is hissing. It may come from the refrigerant gas that escapes from the system through leaks. 


This issue has to be addressed immediately. Shut off the system immediately and call our technician. 


Refrigerant leaks are harmful. You can’t put a band-aid fix in this situation. Rather, you need the expert’s hands to resolve it. 


Clicking Sound 

It’s normal when you hear a clicking sound when you turn on your HVAC. However, you must not hear it regularly. 

Central air and heat in Los Angeles

This sound may indicate that the system has dirty motors, or its ignition system is failing. It can also mean loose wiring and the capacitors are failing. 


There can be a multitude of reasons you hear clicking sounds in your HVAC system. To know how to fix it, call our HVAC pros. 


Fix the Issue Once and for All 

Any issue with your HVAC must be repaired immediately. And it shall be done by an expert in central air and heat in Los Angeles. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment: (323) 673-3107