Common Issues with Your Air Conditioning in Los Angeles

Air conditioning in Los Angeles is essential to keep you cool and comfortable during summer. This appliance is quite common. 


However, an AC unit won’t last longer than you want it to be. Most ACs can run up to 10 years. But some models can even surpass their 15-year expected lifespan. 


It’s all just a matter of how you maintain your system. Throughout its lifespan, though, you may need to call AC repair technicians a few times. 


Your AC isn’t resistant to problems. In this post, you’ll find some common problems that your AC may face and how you resolve them. 


Air Conditioning in Los Angeles Not Cooling the Air 

It’s quite common. You turn on your AC and you set your thermostat properly. However, after a few minutes, you’re still not getting the cold air you desire. 


The culprit can be a dirty or blocked air condenser. 


Clean the outside unit to ensure that there are no weeds that block the air circulation. 


You shall also check the filter and clean it if it’s dirty. 


On the other hand, if the problem is related to the compressor and refrigerant, you need to contact our HVAC Pros team. This is a kind of issue that you can’t fix on your own. 


Inadequate Cool Air 

In this case, there’s cold air. But it’s not enough to cool your entire home. 


If that’s your case, then the cause here is about the size of the unit. That is, it’s not sized appropriately. 


It’s one reason we recommend our clients to contact our team before they even consider purchasing air conditioning in LA. The AC unit must be sized in a way that keeps your house cool on a summer day. 


It must maintain a 24-degree temperature between the outdoor and indoor temperature. 


There’s nothing you can do about it but just invest in a more appropriate AC. Or you can just adapt to it. 


What If You See Icing on Your Unit? 

You may typically use your AC during summer. If it’s normal weather but your AC can’t keep up though, then you may have an issue with your evaporator coil. 


Now, if you see icing on your outdoor unit, don’t attempt to fix it. Instead, shut it off. Dial our number to call our expert technicians. 

Air conditioning in Los Angeles

Hearing Strange Noises 

Newer air conditioners operate quietly. It means that if you hear noises, then they can indicate a problem with your AC. Noises are bad for your AC. 


If you hear strange noises coming from your AC, make sure to give us a call. Your unit may need some fixing. 


Higher Energy Bills

An AC that doesn’t operate efficiently can cause a huge spike in your energy bill. Thus, if you experience a sudden spike in your energy bills even if you use your AC the same way as before, then it’s an indication you need to call a technician ASAP. 


Don’t allow your air conditioning in Los Angeles to affect your energy bills. Call us today to fix it: (323) 673-3107