AC repair in Los Angeles

The Most Common Types of AC Repair in Los Angeles

If there is one thing that you definitely don’t want to break at home in the middle of the summer, it is your air conditioning system! Air con can be the difference between spending a comfortable day at home or a hot, sweaty one, and we definitely know which one we would prefer! In a city like Los Angeles, it is fair to say that more people have AC than don’t, and that means that at any given moment, someone’s day is about to be ruined by a technical fault! To give a better picture, here are some of the most common types of AC repair in Los Angeles.

A Repair To Replace The Refrigerant

Your AC unit cannot function without the right amount of refrigerant. The level starts to decrease when the compressor has a leak, and this stops the flow of cool air which is essential for the proper function of the system. When we replenish these levels and fix the leak, your unit will be back to perfect working order.

A Repair To Replace The Capacitors

The capacitors in a system help to make sure the various motors of the air conditioning start and run properly. They do tend to fail over an extended time and will eventually need replacing. When capacitors get old and unstable, the motors run hotter, and this in turn will decrease the shelf life of the motor that is overheating on a regular basis.

A Process To Clean The Coils

Both indoor and outdoor coils will collect a large amount of dust that is floating around in the air that might be invisible to the naked eye. What you also might not know is that there are chemicals in air that cause coils to corrode and eventually leak. An easy way to make sure this does not happen and cause a bigger problem is to have your coils regularly cleaned by a professional who knows what they are doing.

A Fix Or Complete Replacement Of The Compressor

The compressor does the job of moving the refrigerant through the rest of the AC unit. It can sometimes fail due to standard wear and tear, but more commonly the problem stems from the general strain that comes from the other working parts of the system.

AC repair in Los Angeles

Replacing The Condenser Fan

The condenser fan works to suck air into the system in order to cool it down in outdoor units. Being outdoors, it is obviously subject to lots of different weather conditions that cause wear and tear over time. Condensers always need to be fixed or replaced very quickly.

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