Air Conditioning in Los Angeles

Reasons an Air Conditioning in Your Los Angeles Home Blows Warm Air

The effects of the summer heat waves can be torturing. And they become irritating if an air conditioning in Los Angeles home blows warm air, instead of cool air.

Your AC unit’s main role is to give you and your family comfort, especially in the summer season. However, if it behaves badly, like blowing warm air, you must call our HVAC Pros immediately.

What Could be the Reason?

Flaw in Operation

One of the reasons an air conditioning unit fails to function is that we operate it improperly. It is especially true if the temperature is becoming intense. To prevent it from happening, check your unit properly and set it to cool or warm mode when necessary.

Air Conditioning in Los Angeles


Another frequent issue is clogged unit. Air conditioning can easily get clogged because of dust and dirt.

The best thing you can do here is to go out and check the unit’s exterior system. Check its fins. If it has dust, clean it.

Dust and debris can easily change the air flow causing your unit to blow warm air. It also slows down your machine’s capability to give you cool air.

What if the System Keeps Shutting Off?

Your air conditioning unit plays a vital role in your home. Simple failure can easily lead to an expensive problem. It can also be problematic if it stops working in the summer.

Although summer is the time for some of us to take a holiday, others would want to stay home. It is quite a relief knowing that you have an air conditioning unit that gives you cool air when it is sweltering outside.

However, the summer heat is difficult to handle if your AC system keeps shutting off. It is a typical problem in a unit that is not properly maintained.

Another reason is that the compressor does not work properly. The compressor is a crucial part of any AC unit. It is sealed to prevent dust and debris from affecting its function. The seal will also protect the internal moving parts of this component.

Overheating is one of the reasons the compressor fails to work. Or it could be that it has worn out. If that happens, the unit will begin to shut off frequently.

The compressor could have a broken motor or a blown fuse. An overloaded protector may also cause the compressor to fail.

If your air conditioning in Los Angeles shuts off frequently, make sure to call our HVAC Pros in Los Angeles. Our technicians will visit your house to check the issue and repair it when necessary.

Evaporator Coil Problem

The evaporator coil is found in the air handler area. Its main function is to cool warm air that goes in from the inside of the house.

If it malfunctions, frost will start to build up on the coils. As a result, the entire system will shut off frequently. If that happens, call our technicians at HVAC Pros.

If you experience these problems, make sure to call the air conditioning Los Angeles experts from HVAC Pros. We will fix your unit immediately so you can live comfortably again at your house during the summer. Call our team at (323) 673-3107.