Air conditioning in Los Angeles

Does Your Air Conditioning in Los Angeles Smell Bad?

Air conditioning in Los Angeles is vital especially during summer. However, what will you do if you turn on your AC and you’re greeted by an unpleasant odor? 

Normally, AC doesn’t emit any odor. If it does, there can be several issues at play here. But it depends on the type of odor that comes out from your AC. 


Does Your Air Conditioning in Los Angeles Smell Like Feet? 

This is not something that you wish to smell after an hour of walk in the neighborhood. When you arrive at your house, you would want to shower and smell something fragrant. 

However, if your AC is on and it emits smelly socks, then it could be that you have clogged AC. The smelly odor comes from the sitting water. If it is not drained properly, it will start to smell. 


To resolve it, you must call our professional AC Repair in LA to professionally clean the unit. Cleaning the AC doesn’t just involve cleaning the filter. It also involves several tasks that only our AC professionals can perform safely. 

Air conditioning in Los Angeles

What if the Smell is Like an Exhaust Fume? 

If your AC is not gas-powered, then smelling something like an exhaust fume coming from your AC can be terrifying. This odor can be the result of the fluids leaking out of your AC’s engine and other parts. 

Don’t deal with this issue on your own. You need to call our AC professionals to investigate it further. Never attempt to fix fluid leaks on your own. If you do, you’re only putting your AC at risk of damage. 


On the other hand, if your AC emits a skunk-like scent, it can be the result of a gas leak. This happens if you have a gas-powered AC. Gas can sometimes smell like skunk spray. This gas may have gotten into your ductwork. 

You should not ignore it as it can be suffocating. It can put your family at risk of poisoning. When you smell it, make sure that you contact our company to address the issue. We can tell you what to do with the AC while our professionals are preparing to visit your house. 


Mildew Smell 

It’s a common odor that homeowners would experience with their AC in LA. If your AC smells like a moldy odor, it can be the result of mildew or fungus forming in your AC or near the unit. 

This is quite common because AC eliminates extra moisture from your house. The moisture has to be drained properly. Otherwise, mold can grow easily in those areas with moisture. 


Apart from mildew and mold formation, the smell can also be the result of a dirty filter. 

If you notice this type of smell, make sure that you call our AC specialists. They are trained to handle mold, mildew, and fungus. They can easily get rid of the smell with the use of specialized equipment. 


Any type of smell that comes out of your air conditioning in Los Angeles should be consulted with an AC professional. Contact us today if you have issues regarding your AC: (323) 673-3107.