What to Do When Choosing a New AC Replacement?

Modern air conditioning in Los Angeles is user-friendly. It’s also very convenient to use. It keeps you and your family cool during very hot weather in LA. Most of all, new AC units have energy-saving features. If you are shopping for a new AC, though, you need to talk to our AC installer first. Our technicians will recommend the best AC installer that fits well to your house and meets your needs. Keep in mind that choosing the right AC is more than just buying a unit with a longer warranty. 


Things to Consider When Buying for a New Air Conditioning in Los Angeles



The longer the warranty is, the better it is. However, it also means that the unit can be a lot pricier. Still, opting for a unit with a good warranty is a safer bet because you’ll never know what will happen in the next few months. 


However, just because the unit has a longer warranty, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t implement routine maintenance. Keep in mind that you can’t file for a warranty claim if your unit is not properly maintained. Furthermore, the warranty is voided if you don’t hire a professional to install the unit. 

Energy-Efficient Features 

Newer AC units are more energy-efficient compared to the units released in the 90s. However, there are still ACs today that lack energy-efficient features that can help in lowering your utility bills. 


But one feature you should consider is an energy-saving mode. In this mode, the unit will turn off the fan if the compressor is off. Some units will allow the fan to run even if the compressor is off. However, with an AC that has this feature, you can save more energy in the long run. It also helps lengthens the life of the air conditioning. 



You should opt for an AC that operates silently. But it doesn’t mean that the unit is quiet. There’s still sound but it’s not too loud that will disrupt your sleep. Our technicians will help you choose a model that features low-noise operation. The good thing is that most of the units on the market operate silently. That is if you choose a multi-stage compressor unit. 


Besides the features of the unit, you should also consider the type of unit to purchase. You may opt for window-mounted or wall-mounted. 


Do you need the most powerful unit or the biggest AC? To answer this question, though, our technician will measure the square footage of your house or the room where the AC will be installed. 


The measurement must be taken before buying an AC because it will greatly affect the overall performance of the system. Furthermore, the size of the AC will affect the comfort level it can provide. 

Air conditioning in Los Angeles is a complex appliance. It’s also an expensive investment. Make sure to buy the right type and size by consulting our technicians. Call us today for more information: (323) 673-3107.