Air conditioning in Los Angeles

What is the Proper Maintenance for Your Air Conditioning in Los Angeles?

Air conditioning in Los Angeles is a vital part of practically any home. For so many people, it offers comfort and more. But just like anything in this world, an AC unit will break down if you don’t properly maintain it. 


To extend the life of your AC system, there are things that you can do monthly to maintain the system. The good thing with these tasks is that they are easy to comply with. In fact, you can accomplish them in a short period. 


Clean Around the Air Conditioning in Los Angeles House 

Keep in mind that your AC unit’s condenser is outside your house. If you wish to prolong the life of your condenser, you may want to prune the plants and shrubs around the outdoor unit. 


Make sure also that the plants and shrubs must be at least two feet away from the condenser. You should also clean loose debris around the unit. 


It is okay for trees to grow near the outdoor unit. However, don’t allow them to hang too low. You should prune the branches so they are at least 8 feet above the unit. Prune all plants within the boundaries. 

Air conditioning in Los Angeles

Examine the Refrigerant Lines 

The lines transport refrigerant from the condenser to the air conditioner. They have to be insulated to protect the line from the build-up of condensation. They also prevent water damage. 


Now, if you see that the lines require attention, you should call our AC professionals. 


Check the Air Filter 

You should routinely check your AC’s air filter. The air circulating through your home will pass through the filter to remove dust, dander, and other microbial contaminants. This process will guarantee that you are breathing healthy air. 


Changing the air filter must be done twice a year. Our HVAC professionals will do it for you during scheduled maintenance. Then, you need to change it at the start of the summer season. 


However, you can inspect it yourself monthly to give it a quick look. Doing it this way will help you know if your air filter is still clean. If not, you should have it replaced by your HVAC pros. 


Check Compressor Tubing 

While you check the outdoor fan motor, you should also check the compressor and refrigerant tubing. If the tubing is leaking or blocked, it will not transport the right amount of coolant to the compressor. As a result, it forces the compressor to work harder and it may fail. 


When to Call Air Conditioning Specialists? 

You should call HVAC professionals to perform yearly AC maintenance checkups during early spring. If not, you must call before the cooling session starts. Don’t wait until summer though. Our professionals are fully booked. We perform a lot of repairs and installations during this time. 


To schedule maintenance and repair for your air conditioning in Los Angeles, contact us at (323) 673-3107.