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Does Your AC Leak Water? Call AC Repair in Los Angeles Now

Leaking air conditioner is a common problem among homeowners in LA. If you live in Mission Hills and nearby areas, make sure to have your AC checked by our AC repair Los Angeles team. 

Indeed, a little condensation is a part of the unit’s dehumidifying process. However, large wet spots in the unit are not normal. 

Keep in mind that leaking water in your home can easily lead to various problems. One of them is the growth of mildew and mold. That’s why you must address them properly. 


AC Repair in Los Angeles for a Leaking Air Conditioner 

There are several reasons your AC could have a leaking problem. One of them is that the pump is broken. 

If the unit is in a lower part of your house, then it has a pump. It transfers the condensation water out of your house. However, if the pump is not functioning well, then it can cause leaking.


Who installed the unit? If you installed the unit yourself or your neighbor with no experience in AC installation, then it is likely that the leaking problem is the result of poor installation. 

Keep in mind that there are various factors that our AC installation professionals have to take into account when installing an AC unit. It has to be on a certain level to avoid water from dripping onto the floor. 

AC Repair in Los Angeles

Clogged Drain 

This is another issue of any AC units, no matter what the brand is. All AC units have a drainage system. It takes condensation away from the processor. 

If the drain is blocked by accumulated dirt, then the water will go back up and go to your living space causing the leak. 


Filter Problem 

This is the most common issue of AC that causes the unit to leak water. A dirty air filter can cause a lot of problems with your HVAC. 

But you can avoid it by maintaining it. That’s why there’s a periodic maintenance schedule that your AC brand has recommended. In that way, the AC filter won’t get blocked. 

With a dirty air filter, it stops or restricts airflow in the condenser. As a result, the coils will freeze. Later on, it will drip. 


It is difficult to identify the cause of a leaking AC unit. However, in most cases, the issue can be fixed easily, but you should not do it yourself. Otherwise, you’re only doing more harm than good to your unit. 

Instead, call HVAC Pros Los Angeles today for a smooth AC repair. Our team consists of well-experienced professionals. They have been trained regularly to ensure that their knowledge about AC is up-to-date. 


Our team can assist you in ensuring that your AC unit will run smoothly. We will also fix any leaks. To prevent leaking water from your AC, make sure to schedule preventative AC maintenance regularly. 

If you have a problem with your AC, please give us a call. Our AC repair Los Angeles specialists can offer a cost-effective repair for your air conditioning unit. Call us today for more information (323) 673-3107