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A Top AC Installer in Los Angeles Explains How Home Air Conditioners Work

Any AC installer in Los Angeles needs to know how air conditioners work. The systems are often enclosed at the factory and stay that way because parts of the system need to hold chemicals or gasses. However, besides these enclosed parts, there are lots of other systems to fix up and repair. Getting to know how the device actually works helps the repair person fix the issues more efficiently. It also allows the repair person to sense the problem simply because he or she understands the situation in full and how every little piece connects to the rest.

A Fan System

Fans blow air into a room, keeping the air moving, and helping to keep things cool. Air has a harder time sitting around, it has to move and carry heat with it. The problem is that during very hot seasons, fans are simply moving hot air around. In those cases, some way to cool the air is preferable.

A Fan Extraction System

This takes the air from inside and deposits it outside. This type of system can be integrated into a building with vents and pipes, or this system can be a unit that one places on their windowsill to blow hot air out or cold air in. When hot air is deposited outside, cold air is allowed to replace said air. This may come from windows or other vents. The system itself may also draw air from cold places and deposit it within a room.

A Refrigeration System

The air pumps into the system and it runs past some very cold pieces of metal. The cold pieces of metal cool the air as it passes. The resultant air is exhausted from the machine into the room, and it cools the room. As a side benefit, the cold metal pipes also collect water, which drips into trays for later disposal. This is preferable because some people feel that heat is more intense in humid environments.

Pipes are cooled using compressed gasses. When air is compressed, then it loses its heat. It feels cold to the touch, and it is those cool pipes that power the cooling system. When hot air runs past them, the hot air sticks to the pipes and makes them warm. 

As you can imagine, when these pipes are compressed, they give out heat, so it is important that the heat exhaust area is outdoors so that the heat is not re-deposited into the house.

AC Installer in Los Angeles

AC Installers Make the Job Seem Easy

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